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Summer is one of the best times of the year to live the farm lifestyle as days are long, weather is typically good and there is that feeling of freedom. However, it’s also a busy time of the year with fairs, harvest, and family events. 

This is a quick reminder that we are never too busy to compromise safety. It’s always worth that extra look or that double check. When it comes to electric safety on the farm keep these tips in mind: 

  • Be aware of overhead lines and size of equipment 
  • When driving near power lines with large equipment get a spotter
  • Water and electricity do not mix and pivot maintenance can be critical; know where your fuse boxes and circuit breakers are located
  • Contact our office if you see a potential hazard with our lines
  • Call 811 before you dig
  • Don’t count on rubber tires to insulate you as they aren’t pure rubber
  • Help share your electric safety knowledge to family members and those working for you 

Enjoy the summer, soak in the sun and always remember to be aware of your surroundings.